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Checks… and balance?

What is child support for?

I thought it was something the non-custodial parent paid to the custodial parent to help pay for expenses, for the child. In addition daycare/school, medical, extra curricular costs are often split by the parents.

Not in my case. I am the custodial parent and I pay child support. I’m writing that check tonight. Aren’t I lucky?

No, I don’t make a lot of money but I work, and that is more than he does. I honestly believe he does not work so he does not have to pay child support and that after my daughter graduates from high school, he will magically get a job, probably a decent one at that.

Thats not to say he has never paid child support He has, for a couple years. One year he was even making more than twice the salary I did. And he paid less than I pay right now.

But even then he didn’t pay for the childcare, medical, or extra curricular.

In his song “Love Me if You Can”, Toby Keith has a line, “I believe that every able soul should work”. I agree with Toby! It also causes me to ask a question – maybe the x is not able…. maybe potential employers see in him, what took me so long to see.

Is there balance? No. Is this about man vs woman? No. Is this about what is best for the child? It should be, but it is not.

But I know what my priorities are, and love that girl with all my heart!


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