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Dating Married Men

I’m quite content to be home again on a Friday night. I would not be bummed to be out on a date with the right guy, but home, safe, doing what I want to do is just fine with me.Thinking about this, got me reminiscing…… about some of my oddest dates.There was the guy who I agreed to meet at the movies. Once the movie was over, he took a phone call. Not a big surprise, he was a doctor, they get calls. The surprise was when he asked me to be quiet. I’m not (typically) a loud person, so I just sort of looked at him… right dude. I’m not one to really listen to someone elses conversation, but this one had me curious – it was his wife!! That was my clue to exit, stage left. I waited until he got off the phone and then asked him if he was married. “Yes”, he said, “but it’s ok, we both date others.” I told him that was between him and his wife, but I didn’t want any part of it, and walked away. I can’t even begin to guess what the doctors (wonder if that was made up too?) name is.I’ve actually gone out with 2 married men. The second was a couple years later. We spent the afternoon together, site seeing. His kids called a couple times, which did not bother me, seeing that I have a kid too. It was not until I was going home that I realized he might be married. Something in his tone, with his kids gave me that feeling. So the next time we talked I asked point blank “are you married?” He told me he was, but it was a loveless marriage, just for the kids. Likely story, I know. He could tell it did not set well with me, and asked “can we see each other again?” I responded with….”since you are also seeing your wife, as long as you are ok with me seeing other people too.” He told me that would be cheating on him. Excuse me, double standard many other things in your life? No, I never did talk to him again……. Jerry…. Steve…. ole whats his name…..As far as I know, thats my adventures in “dating married men”. I don’t intend to ever date a married man again, unless I get married and date my own husband….. and that could be a lot of fun!!


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