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“Letter to Myself”

In Brad Paisley’s new song “Letter to Me”, he writes a letter to himself at 17.

If you could look back at your life, what would you say to yourself at 17?

I’d tell myself at 17:
* try harder in school
* stick with college
* relationships take time, just because someone pays attention to you, does not mean it’s a relationship (attention = controlling in your case)
* don’t look to your friends for acceptance, if you feel it’s right in your heart, it’s right, trust your own intuition
* your high school sweetheart, your senior year, who wanted a second chance, give it to him
* you don’t have to please anyone, except yourself
* go to your Grandparents 50th vow renewal
* it’s ok to not have a boyfriend, take some time between boyfriends to think about who you really want in your life
* exercise more, eat healthier, listen and do what they say is good for your body
* spend some time with all of your Grandparents, get to know all of them, just not your favorites
* choose your friends, don’t let them be the ones to choose you
* believe in yourself

Happy Birthday!!


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