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Carry On

I had a conversation with a younger friend of mine recently. She was supposed to do some things with a guy she really likes, but for whatever reason he ended up not going. When she and I were talking she was upset, understandably. I asked her if there was anything she and I could do together. We ended up going out to dinner. Talking to someone who is hurt, who is set on being upset, is not easy, but trying to get them to see another way to look at things, is even harder. What I was trying to get her to look at was, why was she letting his actions, or non actions in this case, dictate her happiness? This is a lesson I need to learn so I’m thinking thats why she appeared. Go, still have fun, do the things you want to do, even if that guy you want to be with can’t or won’t. Don’t hold back being yourself for someone else. You are only responsible for yourself, find a way to enjoy the things you like, even if you have to do it alone, or with someone else. Keep living life! How I wish I’d been told that when I was younger! When someone said they would call and didn’t, I wish I’d have just given a bit of time and then gone on with the things I wanted to do. With cell phones it’s less problematic, hardy anyone is waiting at home by the phone, they just take the phone with them.Don’t wait, carry on with life…. have fun, make it the life you want, and if someone else wants to join you (that you want to join you) all the better. Love yourself and know that you matter!! 


One Response to “Carry On”

  1. I learned that lesson a few years ago. Ii go by myself to do things and will not miss out on my life. It is hard sometimes being alone but life does go on so might as well enjoy. And yes love yourself and be your own best friend. Realize what the other person is missing out on by not being with a wonderful person. Probably their day was not as good as we think either!

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