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Ya’ll Crack Me Up

Do you think I bite? Do you wish I would?I get more emails than comments and I’m curious… why that is? If I had a clue how to post a poll, I might try one, but would you respond? Why don’t you comment?

  1. afraid I’ll bite
  2. fear someone else would see the answer
  3. think your comments would make me laugh
  4. think my questions are rhetorical
  5. think it will just make me ask more questions

Even if I’m getting more emails than comments, I appreciate ya’ll!!


3 Responses to “Ya’ll Crack Me Up”

  1. maybe it’s because you haven’t written anything that makes people want to comment? or you haven’t promoted your blog often enough?

    and also, if you want comments, you have to make some yourself. 🙂 i get comments in my blog, and i believe it’s because i’m generous with commenting in other people’s blogs.

  2. Sulz – you are absolutely right! I have not done any of the things you mentioned.

    It’s all a learning thing for me…. I’m new to blogging. Thanks!

  3. Hey pavinganewroad – I was wondering the same thing about comments (or lack thereof) on my blog. I get plenty of visitors, but very few comments. I think sulz has given some pretty good advice. I think I’m going to take it to heart – starting right now! So here you go – here’s a comment for you! 😉 And now I’m off to explore your blog a little more…

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