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It’s the day before Thanksgiving, I want to be getting things ready for tomorrow. Making a pumpkin pie is what I really want to be doing right now, but instead I’m struggling with a migraine.  It’s the second one I’ve had in a week, and it sucks.  When  I was married I would get them 3 or 4 times a week and since I’ve gotten divorced I’ve had them less that 10 times. Thats less than one a year compared to that many in a couple weeks.  There is not a good day to choose a headache and today is better than Thanksgiving, but not at all is even better.  Any tried and true remedies that don’t involve going to the doctor to get a shot?  At least I’m not dealing with a tiny kiddo. Having a teen who can understand, and is willing to help out… now thats a big difference from the x. He was useless then and not much has changed since then.  I’ll take this headache as a sign to be grateful for what I have today… peace in my house. I’m sure that will help it to go away faster. 


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