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Thursday Thirteen – Thanksgiving Gratitudes

On this Thanksgiving Day I am grateful for:

  1. the most wonderful daughter
  2. the love and support of my family and friends
  3. that I have the strength and courage it has taken to get to where I am today
  4. the lessons I have learned along the way
  5. the fact that I still have my sense of humor, most days
  6. that I have a job that I enjoy, that pays the bills
  7. that I still have hope
  8. that I still believe there is a man out there waiting for my love
  9. that I am striving to be healthier every day, mentally and physically
  10. that I have wonderful memories of those I miss so much
  11. that I loved those people enough to miss them
  12. that I am not in an unhealthy relationship
  13. that there are beautiful things around me

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! My hope for you is that the day is exactly as you wish it to be.  


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