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Black Friday…. has nothing to do with shopping

Yep, I was crazy, I went out this morning. The crowds were nuts, but I had in my mind, following my “101 things to do” – to do it with patience and compassion. Especially today, I was just going to let things go. Other people had their own stuff and I was not going to let it affect my day.Let me tell you, that was interesting, to say the least.People were from 2 camps:The Entitled: These were the people who: 

  • put their things in line and kept shopping
  • ran, literally, into me to get to where they were going. I’m sure even though we were at the same store, they were after something much more important (or were they loss prevention)
  • while in line kept hitting me with their stuff, and not once said sorry…. 
  • the lines were so long that to get to the other side of the store you had to cut through…. excuse me helps…. or when I said excuse me, please let me through (not that I’m going back again today)
  • we all know about the parking lots… no comment needed (an fire engine and ambulance was arriving as I was leaving the store…. )

or The Surprised:

  • sweet little ladies in wheel chairs that I thought were going to kiss me when I opened the door for them. I actually wondered what they would have done if I offered to take them shopping… they were adorable!
  • little kids who sang about how long the line was… probably annoyed some, but gave me the giggles
  • the cashiers I dealt with who were cheerful and helpful

I think the black is really from the bruises I’m going to have….. but at least I have more green in my pocket. 


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  1. Nice article. Thank 🙂

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