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Friday Fill Ins… a day late

  1. I enjoy spending time with the people I care about more than anything else.
  2. Blogging satisfies my need for getting my thoughts out, sometimes the ones I don’t want to say outloud.
  3. When I look at a full moon, I feel energized.
  4. If I want a snack, I usually reach for a something sweet (shame on me) or sunflower seeds.
  5. The most recent movie I saw, was Tara Road and it made me want to go back to Ireland for an adventure, and appreciate my friends.
  6. If only the weekend could be longer.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to friends coming over, tomorrow my plans include the sames friends being her, they spent the night and Sunday, I want to clean up and get ready to go back to work (I’ll be glad I have a job I enjoy)!

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