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Sunday Scribblings – Misspent Youth

I’ve asked my dad a few times how was I to raise. His answer varies from I was the hardest to I was the easiest. I’m guessing it depends on the day, what he’s remembering at the time, and how recently he’s talked to my siblings.   –     Compared to them, I would think I was relatively easy, but had I been an only child, I’d think I was a pain in the ass. I’ve always been able to speak up for myself (wonder where I go that?), and did what I wanted, for the most part. School was all about hanging out with my friends…. grades… they were not important, were they?   –   I had 2 best friends, one from each of the high schools I went to. One lived close and she and I got into lots of trouble… always at 2:19am. Thats when we were out walking one night and a guy tried to convince us it was to late to be out alone so we really should get in his car with him…. we took off running…. another time we were with a guy we knew better than to be with and passed the bank…. at 2:19am… in his car… with his friends no less…. My other friend did not live as close and was not as much “trouble”. Her friends were older so her mom thought she could get info out of me. Boy did I get some nasty looks from my friend when her mom was asking me about drugs and I didn’t stop the conversation… why should I, I’d never done drugs and had nothing to hide? But my friend had and was worried her mom was going to ask her too. Dummy…. let me have the conversation and she’ll think because we’re best friends my answer is your answer too, even though it wasn’t.    –   Back to the topic, I misspent my youth thinking they would be my best friends forever and they have not been. The first one dropped me when I met the x and she could not stand him. She was much smarter than me in that regard. The second one, and her husband must have found some redeeming qualities in him (probably his ability to get drugs) and continued to be my friend, even after the divorce. But I later realized it was all about her (really her husband), and I did not need another one of those in my life so I’ve let nature take its course… and she’s with her husband.   –   My misspent youth was in believing friends would be there always…. rather than living for the moment.  However, if either of them were to knock on my door, I’d be more than happy to see them. Hopefully I’ve learned some things about boundaries and our relationships would be healthier….. I do miss each of them.


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