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Musical Inspiration – You’ll Think of Me

Or why I think breaking up can be a gift. When you leave someone, or they leave you, the opportunity presents itself for you to meet the person who is a better match for you. I don’t want to stay with anyone just because we’re already together…. thats not to say I want to be dropped because the thought crossed their mind, give it some good thought and I will too. But in the long run if we are not the right people for each other, lets not hang on to what is, just because we don’t want to go through the pain of a breakup. We may make great friends…… but if we are not meant to be lovers, lets not drag this out any longer and end on good terms.  I care about you enough to be able to let you go on … and I care about me enough to know that this is not meant to be.   –   It was a lesson I had to learn, it hurt, but in time, it’s been helpful. If I go out with someone now, even after one date and they say I’m not the one, I say thanks… and wish them well, honestly. 


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