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Thursday Thirteen – Domestic Violence Signs

This week there are so many TV shows that have something about Domestic Violence. As we get closer to the holidays it does happen more often… sorry to be a downer, I tend (and like to be) more upbeat, but sometimes reality is best. Some signs of Domestic Violence are:

  1. Frequent injuries, with the excuse of “accidents”
  2. Frequent and sudden absences from work or school
  3. Frequent, harassing phone calls from the partner
  4. Fear of the partner, references to the partner’s anger
  5. Personality changes (e.g. an outgoing woman becomes withdrawn)
  6. Excessive fear of conflict
  7. Submissive behavior, lack of assertiveness
  8. Isolation from friends and family
  9. Insufficient resources to live (money, credit cards, car) 
  10. Depression, crying, low self-esteem
  11. The batterer often accuses the victim of having an affair
  12. Not knowing what one wants or feels
  13. The batterer blaming the victim for everything, and them actually starting to wonder if it’s true, and self blame

Looking back, even though there were people that thought I had the “perfect marriage”, every single one of the signs, I’d say were there. If you think someone might be being hurt, try to help. Even if you have to say you think another friend is being hurt….. be willing to listen…. be willing to think what would you do if it were your sister, your daughter, your mother….. your best friend.   I hope no one needs your help… if they do.. thank you for being there. 


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  1. Great information for a very serious topic.

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