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101 Things to do – Update

A lot of these are things that either involve travel, that I can’t do right now, or are day to day live my life better things. I’ve chosen a few things to focus on to live my life better.  Nothing got marked off as done this month… oh well…. it’s all part of the journey…. !!!

  1. Go to a Professional Hockey Game
  2. See Cirque Du Soleil
  3. Go to a Nascar Race
  4. Go Whale Watching
  5. Visit Crater Lake, Oregon
  6. Hike Mt Ranier
  7. Tour the Grand Canyon
  8. Go to Glacier National Park
  9. See Mt Rushmore
  10. See the Fall Colors in New England
  11. Attend a concert at Grand Ole Opry
  12. Stand in 4 Corners
  13. Experience Central Park at Christmas Time
  14. See a musical on Broadway
  15. See all 50 States
  16. Explore Washington DC
  17. Go to Bermuda
  18. See the Eiffel Tower
  19. Go to Scotland
  20. Spend New Years Eve in another Country
  21. Start each day with an intention
  22. Live my life with purpose – Reading “A Purpose Driven Life”
  23. Live my life with a sense of gratitude, end each day with 3 things I’m grateful for I’ve started a Gratitude Journal
  24. Don’t let the past hold me in fear
  25. Learn to mediate and do it consistantly
  26. Find a balance between the things I want to do and the things I need to do
  27. Remember to always say thank you! I’m trying to be more conciseness about this.
  28. Let those I love and care about know how much they matter to me. I’m trying to be more conciseness about this too.
  29. Live the 4 Agreements – Tell the Truth, Don’t Assume, Don’t take it Personally, Do Your Best
  30. Live my life with patience and compassion – Practiced a lot on Black Friday
  31. Stay true to myself, always
  32. Learn to cook healthy and do it
  33. Exercise regularly
  34. Be a size 8 again…
  35. Run a 5k
  36. Learn to dance
  37. Learn to take professional quality photographs
  38. Get all the family pictures and negatives scanned and online
  39. Get and learn Photoshop – I bought it
  40. Include myself in pictures, so that I appear in the future too
  41. Do a photo a day challenge
  42. Attend workshops, as often as possible. Not for work, for me!
  43. Take photographs for charity
  44. Organize and decorate my bedroom so it is a relaxing place to be
  45. Join a writers group
  46. Write “the” book
  47. Write a childrens book
  48. Get caught up on the quilts
  49. Sew a quilt entirely by hand
  50. Make a photo quilt
  51. Get caught up on the scrapbooks
  52. Learn to throw a great dinner party
  53. Learn about wine, it’s good for my heart after all
  54. Watch my daughter graduate High School
  55. Watch my daughter graduate College
  56. Experience and help as much as she wants me to, my daughter get married
  57. Learn to trust (myself) again, and trust wisely
  58. Say “I do” for the last time
  59. Have a great group of friends, be open to new friends
  60. Make out a will
  61. Focus on savings and investing for retirement
  62. Buy a home
  63. Live an organized life
  64. Eliminate clutter in my life: Clean my home of the things I don’t love, only buy things I do… slowly starting to get rid of stuff
  65. Prepare an emergancy kit for home
  66. Prepare an emergancy kit for car
  67. Live more “green”
  68. Be a motivational speaker
  69. Volunteer for a charity on a regular basis – I’m signed up
  70. Find my own clothing style and wear only clothes and accessories I love
  71. Turn 50 fabulously!
  72. Tour Hearst Castle – done
  73. Fly 1st Class – done
  74. Attend an NFL Game – done
  75. Attend a baseball game at Wrigley – done
  76. Go to Ireland – done
  77. Go to England – done
  78. Win something on the radio – done
  79. Attend an Olympic Event – done
  80. See Yellowstone – done
  81. Swim with the Dolphins – done
  82. Ride an Elephant, maybe even a camel but we’re not counting it – done
  83. Go to the top of the Space Needle – done
  84. Kiss under the Golden Gate Bridge – done
  85. Traveled Internationally alone – done
  86. Ice Skate on a frozen lake – done
  87. Ride a cable car in San Francisco – done
  88. Go Horseback riding on the Beach – done
  89. Go to the San Juan Islands – done
  90. Go on a real vacation with my daughter – done
  91. Sleep under the stars – done
  92. See the sights of Yosemite – done
  93. See the Northeren Lights – done
  94. Go Horsebackriding on the Beach – done
  95. Grow an amazing garden – done
  96. Take a professional photography Class – done
  97. Have something published – done
  98. Become a Mom – done
  99. Serve on a Jury – done
  100. See a shooting star – done
  101. Have the perfect first date – done (thats not to say there aren’t even better ones still to come…. !!)



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  1. if you have any photos of your trip we appreciate uploads and comments at our blog about the area that your described…Hearst Castle..thanks

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