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Christmas Traditions

Merry December!! I love Christmas Traditions…. I love Traditions in general.                       We have traditions that we’ve always done,  and we have some that we did when my daughter was younger. It has not always been easy with the custody schedule so we’ve had to be flexible. Sometimes Christmas Eve was celebrated on Dec 22, or Christmas was celebrated on Dec 27… we just made it work for us.                   The things we’ve always done are – 

  • Do the Daily Advent Calendar
  • Leave out cookies and milk for Santa, carrots for the reindeer 
  • Get a new ornament from the places we travel during the year 
  • Get a new ornament about something relevant to what has happened during the year for my daughter 
  • Get a photo frame ornament of a picture of my daughter each year 
  • Everyone gets a toy, even if it’s just a small thing… at Christmas everyone is a kid 
  • Different wrapping paper for Santa to use… everything wrapped is so much more fun 
  • Making a new holiday decorations… sometimes a few  

 The things we did when my daughter was younger were –

  • Picture with Santa I’d sew her Christmas dress 
  • I’d leave shoe prints of Santa’s from baking soda by the Christmas Tree 
  • New Christmas jammies (usually I made them, for her dolls too) 
  • Drive around and look at lights on other peoples houses 
  • Get my daughter a new Christmas book to read on Christmas Eve 

And maybe even one day I’ll be able to go to Midnight Mass… thats been something I’ve been thinking about for the last couple of years… I need to do more than just think about it. 


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