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Healthy Love Relationship…

What would it look like? With all the talk about creating your own destiny, I’ve gotten to thinking about what my ideal relationship would look like.  

  • Sharing the good and bad
  • supporting each other
  • knowing I have a date for an important event (even if it is just snuggling on the couch)
  • having that special someone to talk to who “gets” me, and I “get” him
  • having someone to share the chores with, even if doing the dishes ends up in a water fight
  • doing new thing that he enjoys
  • learning about new people, especially him

What will this take:

  • being willing to have my heart stepped on
  • being willing to take a chance at falling in love 
  • being willing to share my time
  • being willing to share me
  • being willing to accept someone as they are
  • being able to accept that this person comes with a family, if they have kids knowing they are part of the package
  • being willing to worry about someone, because I’ll care about them
  • being willing to share a bed, maybe, eventually… 

Thats a lot of willing I’ve got to do…. but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.  I’m willing to open my heart! 


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