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I was Brave…again

Another update… what I did this week that I was brave enough to do:

  1. I didn’t cry when something happened that really upset me
  2. I cleaned up a really ugly mess…. yuck
  3. I stood up to someone who could make my life miserable, but they apologized
  4. I cut myself some slack and just relaxed 
  5. I didn’t let the nosy nellie get to me, and I held my ground by not giving into her to shut her up

One Response to “I was Brave…again”

  1. I love this entry! Brave moments…they’re so hard, aren’t they. I almost lost it about three times today. But I just have to keep going…because I have a little one and I have no choice. He’s also worth it…but so nice to hear of another mama on the brink every once in a while.

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