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Sunday Scribblings – Walk

Walk…. walking… walked                                                                                      When I was about 8 my Grandfather had lung cancer and had to have one of his lungs removed. That was more than 3o years ago so survival was not as good as it is today. Our family was very lucky that he did survive.                                              One of the things his doctors told him to do to stay healthy, or is that get healthier was to walk. He, most often with my Grandmother would walk usually 3 times a day. They walked probably 3-5 miles each time they went out for a walk.                    If I was lucky, while I was visiting, they would invite me to go for a walk with them. This was definitely a special time for me. I had undivided attention from my Grandparents! Looking back on it now, I realize I must have slowed them down, a lot so the walks they invited me on, probably didn’t count towards exercise, more like Sunday strolls.                                                                                                        During one of these walks my Grandfather told me, if I ever needed to think about something, go for a walk. Don’t run, just walk. My thoughts would flow and I would be able to work through whatever I needed to. Those were some wise words he shared with me. I do that, to this day and it really helps.                                       Thanks for bringing back memories of my Grandpa to me today! 


4 Responses to “Sunday Scribblings – Walk”

  1. what a beautiful memory,, and good inspiration from grandpa as well……

  2. I totally hear you and your grampa! I do that often. Nice writing!

  3. Well written, with a message of value!

  4. I love this story!

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