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Colorful Questions….

I found this on and loved it. At the end she tagged anyone who wants to join in…. I’m joining in and having some fun!      

Have you taken any dance classes in the past year that you loved?                               Learning to dance is on my 101 list, but I have 2 left feet so I’m thinking it’s going to be very comical…. unless your feet are anywhere near mine. And if that is the case, I’ll just apologize now.                        

What is your favorite flavor tea and where to you get it?                                                                   Mmmm Chai!!   Everywhere                                                                                                                        

What is your favorite podcast, do you have a link and what do you love about it?                       I’ve listened to a few, but nothing that stuck out in my mind.                                                                

 What food did you love when you were a kid, that when you eat it as an adult it brings you back-carries so much more than just the flavor-but memories. And would you share a recipe?                                          

Only things my Grandma made, so I don’t have any recipes. This egg, carrot, and pickle salad, sounds disgusting I know but if my Grandma came back today and said lets have it, you bet I would. She also made lots of jello with vegetables in it, some fruit, but not much. Lots of different fruit breads… and tapioca pudding.                                                                                                                                                           

What was the last thing you bought yourself?                                                                                     Some craft supplies to make some Christmas decorations. Nothing to extravagant, just fun.                        

What color is your bedroom? Is it the nicest room in the house?                                                   Apartment yuck! It’s the only room that has not been painted. One of these days it will be, probably to a nice Tiffany box blue or some fun color… maybe even a purple…..                                                                  

Are a better cook or baker?                                                                                                                     Baker, without a doubt. In high school I was asked out on a date and had to tell the guy I could not go because I was waiting for my bread to rise. Sounded so lame, and like I did not want to go out with him….which in the long run was a good thing… back then I baked every day. Now, I don’t make the time… and my thighs are grateful!                                                                                                            

What time do you go to bed usually and when do you wake up?                                                     I try to get to be by about 11:30 -12 and up between 6:30-7. But when I get going on something I get sidetracked and lose track of time and it gets late.                                                                                              

What sign are you? Do you know your rising and moon? When is your birthday?                        Much to young to feel this damn old!! I just heard this song today and it fit me so well…. this week.. which makes me a Sagittarius…. Rising? How would I find that out?                                                             

What was the last thing you said no to that felt like you were taking good care of yourself?      I was asked to work on a project and really needed some down time…. and I took it!! I said I had other plans and could not do the project. My other plans were taking care of me!                                              

Please add one question to the end of this.                                                                                         My question – What is one thing you could do that would improve your life the most, starting today?                

I tag anyone who wants to join in.


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