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Sunday Scribblings – Competition

Have you ever met someone who always knows someone, something, had something worse, something better….. just has a BIGGER story to tell then you do? There is a person just like this in my circle of life. I won’t say a friend, because she is not someone I’d choose to be my friend, she’s more of an acquaintance, who pushes the limits. She does it in the spirit of “helping”. I believe it’s her way of proving how much better her life is than everyone elses…. her version of competition!! Just a few examples…… when a family member of mine passed away, so did her brothers, uncles, cousins, neighbor …..(you get it) but in a so much worse way. Instead of hearing the “I’m sorry” I was reaching out for when I mentioned it to her, I got 15 minutes (seriously) on someone elses death. When I mention having a cold she offers me her medication to help me feel better. She gets them at this special store, that apparently has no name, so I can’t buy them myself. She also tells me of a great doctor she can call for me. It does not matter that I was able to take care of myself before I met her…. and will still… she does not think anyone knows anything but her. Does she want to be in competition with me? Does she even realize what she is doing? Or is she so wrapped up in her own little world that no one else matters? From this, I will learn a lesson… I will pay more attention so that I don’t engage in competition with others. And when she engages with me, I will disengage. That is one type of competition I don’t need to be part of.


7 Responses to “Sunday Scribblings – Competition”

  1. i would say her self esteem is very low,, and that she is not competing with you as much as she is trying to appear competent to herself… i bet if you took an interest in her,, drew her out,, you would find her to be a much different person than she is when she has to inflict herself on you…..

  2. I had a friend like that and I told her to buzz off!

  3. I know that person… and if we all look closely enough — we’ve probably been that person on occasion. 😉

  4. I have had that person in my life also. Thanks for visiting your blog. I have read your posts and really like your blog. We share many things in common. I could also watch American President over and over, I need to get back to healthy eating and exercising, and I am now just trying to learn Photo Shop. I will be checking back in. Keep up the great writing.

  5. I know a lady like that! Drives me crazy. If she just wanted to tell her story then why did she ask for mine? It’s like my answer is prelude to her life…lol
    Good take on this week prompt!

  6. I know someone like that as well……..and like Rob mentions, I have probably dipped into that realm myself. It seems to happen when someone is feeling inept for some reason and in need of more recognition than anyone can give them. It’s a weird behaviour in a human being isn’t it because it does the absolute opposite than what they are probably in need of………attention.

    we are all such complicated beings aren’t we?? 🙂

  7. God! And I thought I was competitive. I’m an angel. 😉

    We don’t need to be around those people that suck the energy out of us. You’re right to just disengage, there’s no point.

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