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Are all prayers acceptable to God?Can I pray for anything I want, are some prayers to frivolous, are some not for me to pray for, or are some things better left to just happen?Say I want a new car and mine works just fine, is that an acceptable prayer? In this day of being green, is it still acceptable? How about if I just want to have a nice dinner… is that ok? That could be the food, the company, the atmosphere…. or what about if I’ve had a drink… can I pray to get home safely?What if I want to pray for someone to have the karma, I believe they deserve, is that appropriate? Be it good or bad karma?How about praying for someone who has not asked to be prayed for? What about if they are not Christian?Do I have to be specific in my prayers or can they be general? Say I want a group of people to be safe…. like the people in the service… but I don’t know them individually. Can I still pray for them as a whole?When I think of praying for world peace, and then some of the more simple things I’d like in my life…. they are so different…. is it ok to mix and match?If it’s all in the name of love, for positive things, does that make it ok?  Prayers are on my mind…  


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