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Ten on Tuesday – My Christmas List

In the hopes of getting more into the spirit of Christmas I’ve come up with 2 Christmas lists…. my dream list and my real list……  The Dream list……. yeah, baby! 

  1. A house… well actually a home
  2. new cars for my daughter and I
  3. a new camera
  4. a new sewing machine for quilting
  5. lots of paid time off
  6. to go on a trip with my dad, anywhere he wants
  7. to be able to take my daughter on a trip anywhere she wants after she graduates from high school
  8. a housecleaner, cook, and trainer
  9. a two hour shopping spree at a local mall
  10. the right wonderful, amazing man to come into my life

The real list

  1. to spend the holidays with my family
  2. to have a white Christmas
  3. to go to Midnight Mass
  4. to be able to get everyone the gifts they would like… within reason
  5. a monthly housecleaner
  6. an organizer to come help me get organized
  7. healthy cooking classes
  8. my paychecks to be all mine
  9. my x to get a job and pay support, medical, and extra curricular
  10. and the same right, wonderful, amazing man to come into my life 

5 Responses to “Ten on Tuesday – My Christmas List”

  1. Ooh, a dream list…good idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  2. I think 10 is a totally reasonable item to hope for. Good luck!

  3. Those are beautiful lists.

    I just mentioned the things I dream about.
    We’ve had Sinterklaas already, that’s our gift-event.

    My list is at:
    laane on the World

  4. My very favoritest perfume is Dream Angels Desire by victoria’s secret. After that I really love Moschino Cheap and Chic

  5. Great list, again! I would like many of these things also!

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