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Sunday Scribblings – Dance

  • Sunday Scribblings has become so much fun, I’m really looking forward to it each week. This weeks theme is dance…. 
  • For so long we’d tried to work things out. I’d suggest counseling, him getting a job, his quitting drugs, things I thought would help our family stay together. As I danced left, he danced right, his counter offer to my suggestions were that I do more around the house, quit complaining and be happy I had a man in my life at all. In my mind I could not figure out the man part. If he was a “man” as he said, his part of the dance would be helping to take care of his family, not only seeing to it his fun was fulfilled.  
  • This lasted for a couple years. With a tiny daughter I knew I had to do everything possible before throwing in the towel on the dance we started years before. And it literally started with a dance, a first dance at a big fancy wedding. The one he wanted to show off with. “Look, I’m important I can have a the lavish wedding with all the trimming”, don’t mind that he didn’t pay for it or the marriage was not as important to him, the dance he wanted was. He as dancing the pretty pictures for everyone else. 
  • As things got worse, the punches got worse, the yelling at both my daughter and I escalated, leading to my daughter telling me the same things he had (which are not writable in g rated blog), I knew something had to be done. I let him know that I was seriously considering divorce. So he went out with his friends. Maybe he was celebrating? Maybe he even danced with some hot chick that night… But when he came home, he was a “changed man”, he wanted his family, he would get a job, go to counseling and quit drugs. 
  • Three months later none of those things had happened and a night of his being drunk and throwing me around. With my daughter and only the clothes on our backs I danced my way out the door. The best (and hardest) dance of my life!! 

10 Responses to “Sunday Scribblings – Dance”

  1. WOW!!! Great take on the prompt. You really opened your soul. I think I love you.

  2. What a fantastic story and post. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s certainly moving.

  3. good for you!! keep dancing girl, you’re now on the best dance of your life and your daughter will dance with you!

  4. Oh, my! I hope this is fiction but afraid it might be fact…you are lucky to have danced before things spiraled into total destruction. Smile and keep on dancing!

  5. You just keep on dancing! Dance as if no one’s looking.

  6. Powerful dance, this post, this living a life of respect and love, and filling the dance card to have it…

  7. Life is indeed a dance. Sometimes so very painful, like this!

    Dance of Life

  8. thank you for sharing yr story….what a beautiful dance…dancing changes everything…

  9. Thanks for all the comments…. Yep all true… with some of the details left out…. I’ve always tried to be upbeat. Even when leaving I told my daughter we were going on an adventure… in front of the cops who helped us…. We’re still on that adventure… and having fun!

  10. I hope that it’s not too late to comment. A very unique take on the theme and a very well written post. I always tell my daughters that you can not change people to suit your self you can only change yourself and your life situation. I enjoyed your post and thank you for allowing me to have a brief peek into your life situation that must have been very painful to you.

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