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Thursday Thirteen – Changes

The thought of my life changing, for the better is still on my mind. Thursday Thirteen …. things that could change my life that would be really wonderful!!! ….. I love change. I know, I’m weird… or unique….. Change, especially when it’s a choice I’ve made has been good, thats not to say it’s always been easy.

  1. Love….. meeting Mr Amazing…..
  2. Moving to a new place
  3. Getting another job
  4. My daughter getting scholarship(s) for college
  5. the x getting a job and paying me support… what a concept
  6. Winning the lottery (that would mean I’d have to play)
  7. My creative juices flowing, in any number of directions
  8. Motivation kicking in to get in shape (don’t laugh, it’s happened before)
  9. The days become 28 hours long
  10. A calmer life
  11. No longer living in pain
  12. My self esteem to be better… I have courage, it just takes a lot of psyching up to do things
  13. lets leave at least one surprise…. who knows it could be the best change…
Happy Holidays!!!


8 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen – Changes”

  1. What a great list. I think it’s wonderful to think on the things that could really change our lives and try to incorporate them as we go along. It’s not always easy but I find that sometimes, the smallest change can make the biggest difference! I hope you are blessed with each of things you’ve written on this list!

  2. I said “Amen!” to #5, because I’m essentially in the same boat there.

    I’m all about #6 as well. We just need to go buy a ticket…
    Happy Thursday!!

  3. I hope you get all of those except for longer days…I need them to become shorter for a bit…we’re stuck where we live for a bit and I want time to fly so we can move. LOL!

    My probably worst ever TT is up, I tried.

  4. Even though Im back from vacation and feeling blah, I took some time to post for my friends on my wordpress blog!

    ! Come take a look, and visit my cruise pictures! myspace/maydakmom

  5. Hi cool list!! I love change too, but I also know that it isn’t always easy. I did a list too, it’s here:

  6. As one who is the same way, I’ve found that the more I say yes to stuff (i.e. psyching up) the easier it gets.

    Good luck with all of this. šŸ™‚

    My TT is about the solstice this week.

  7. I hope 2008 is all you want it to be.

  8. What a positive list. I hope you find all the joy you seek. Thank you for visiting my Love Blog. Happy Holidays to you.

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