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Being Brave… follow up

I have been brave, I’m realizing it more when I do it, but not posting about it….. being brave is a really good thing for me to do. This is how I’ve been brave in the last few weeks:

  1. I responded to someone who reached out…. knowing it could be bad, and wasn’t good or bad
  2. I reached out to someone, knowing it could be bad, and it wasn’t acknowledged
  3. I did something I really wanted to do, knowing it could be turned down and it was accepted….. no, not date/guy related
  4. I asked for extra time off of work and got it
  5. I have no plans for the extra time off, and I’ll be alone….. options are wonderful
  6. I have faith that things will work out…. with the child support…. writing checks and trying to support a kid sucks (but she is worth it!!!!)
  7. being creative.. opening myself up in so many ways
  8. learning some news of someone that was once a huge part of my life, but not reaching out so not to disturb their life as it currently is

2 Responses to “Being Brave… follow up”

  1. you are brave. it’s hard i know. an important piece of advice that i can give you is this. small acts of bravery, lead to bigger acts. have faith in yourself and your bravery. it’s there.

  2. yes; very brave – did it without child support myself and know what a difficult thing this can be.

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