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Ten on Tuesday – Best Gifts Ever

Today’s Ten on Tuesday is perfect for me… it’s helping me remember that through it all…. there are good times, and it does not all have to be about things! A few things are nice though. My best/favorite gifts of all time have been:

  1. The love and support of my family
  2. My prayers being answered of becoming a mom… to my wonderful daughter 
  3. My courage and strength to leave an abusive relationship with a small child and only the clothes on our backs… and no family close by
  4. The support of friends to help get us through those dark days…. they later told me they celebrated for me when I left
  5. My extended family…. enough said
  6. The dough ornament my daughter made in kindergarten
  7. The “diamond” necklace my brother saved all his money to get me when he was 7
  8. The time my aunt snuck $100 bill in with the coupons she sent me at Christmas…. Santa was great that year
  9. A pair of star sapphire earring from my mom 
  10. The surprises from a former, wonderful boss, who is now my friend 
Thank you for your comments and emails today, they mean tons to me.
Merry Christmas….. to all… and to all a good night!! 



One Response to “Ten on Tuesday – Best Gifts Ever”

  1. Fellow 10 on Tuesday-er here, just popped in to see what you were grateful for…. Hope you don’t mind.

    I must say, your list is way better than mine – I sound very superficial and materialistic compared to you, LOL!

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