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My ToDo List

I’m off work this week and I’m “going” to be productive!!These are the things I plan to get done – all while keeping up the Christmas decorations, since they got up so late –  

  1. return books to library 
  2. clean, deep clean the kitchen… that means the yucky stuff too
  3. clean the dining room…. it’s not to bad, luckily
  4. clean the living room, big time…. vacuuming between the cushions, washing windows…. 
  5. clean, deep again, the bathroom… I hate doing the shower the most
  6. clean and organize my room, if I get really motivated I may just make the pillow shams that have been waiting to be done for … at least a year
  7. sort my clothes, get rid of stuff…..
  8. clean out the hall closet
  9. clean the back patio
  10. finish the quilt that is a gift… not holiday related
  11. take things to Goodwill
  12. do the laundry
  13. set up 2008 files
  14. work out every other day
That should keep me occupied…. if not overwhelmed!!!

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