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Online Dating…. Seriously!!

Life is so much fun….. in the weirdest way!!

I‘ve talked about dating here, but I really don’t think I’ve come across as “this is my profile… lets go out”. Have I?

Today I received an email…. paraphrasing here –

He’s not looking for anything serious…. wants to make out like teenagers….. and talk.

I love kissing…. I can get lost in it for hours….. but, with someone I know…. not the guy in the computer. Am I missing something here? Is he really asking to cyber?

Email is not new to me…. I’ve had someone break up with me in email….. and poof he was gone. Well, except for the time I ran into him and his new woman at a festival. I was so tempted to pull her aside and give her a heads up…. but figured…. stay out of it…. maybe they had something more meaningful…. maybe I was just rebound girl.

Anyways… whats this dudes deal? For now… I’m just giggling. 



2 Responses to “Online Dating…. Seriously!!”

  1. been there, done that….these people for the most part can be freaky!! I met a few….never found anyone remotely normal!!

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