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Thursday Thirteen – Things I Will Remember About 2007

Thursday Thirteen usually makes me think, what do I want to write about…. but this time, coming up with a topic is easy…… 2007 is shortly coming to a close….. What Will I Remember?

  1. Watching my daughter grow into an amazing young lady
  2. Getting closer to my dad
  3. Losing my brother
  4. I am braver than I thought I ever was
  5. Housekeeping is overrated…. there are so many other things to do
  6. Volunteering is a gift to oneself, even though thats not what it starts out to be
  7. Trust… is worth it…. baby steps work
  8. Creativity is a release….. and you get to see the results
  9. Hugging is wonderful when frustrated. I’m talking about with loved ones.. I’m not planning to try this at work.
  10. Some people will never “get it”, it’s not worth wasting my breath or words to try to get them to
  11. Thank you and a smile really do go a long way
  12. Patience….. especially with myself, is important
  13. I’m only responsible for me (and my daughter), others actions are not a reflection of me

16 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen – Things I Will Remember About 2007”

  1. Very wise list…so true! Great List!

  2. What a great idea for a TT. I can really appreciate 10 and 11!

  3. I need to remember number 5.

  4. I am so sorry about your brother. That must be just a hole in your life. I admire your courage for looking at your life as a lesson. It’s rare to find someone who is learning, rather than working to look good. Blessings on your journey.

    Happy TT.

    My TT is up: Thirteen people who inspired me in 2007.

  5. Great List. I lost a dear friend this year, and you’ve made me thing of what that means. Maybe soon I will dedicate one (a TT) to her.

    Happy TT

  6. A momentous year for you, for both good and very sad reasons. I completely agree about 10 and 11.

  7. It sounds like a mostly good year where you grew. I hope 2008 brings you much happiness!

    My Thursday Thirteen is up too! πŸ™‚

  8. Time and time again I keep telling myself that I have more patient than I could ever hold on to all the things right now..thanks for reminding me that I am not losing it…

    Great list!!!

    Here’s mine for this week!
    Thursday 13
    Enjoy the rest of the Holidays!

  9. Amazing list πŸ™‚

  10. I will take No. 7 with me into the new year. God bless.

  11. Great list, I enjoyed it very much! Come take a look at the most popular resolutions of the New year!


  12. I liked your list.

  13. Seems like an eventful 2007…

  14. Happy TT. All the best for 2008.

  15. Great list…very insightful.

  16. Wow. I think we may have lived the same life this year. I will have to come back again and see how you’re doing. πŸ™‚

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