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It Just Gets Better…. Dating

So after my last post about getting an email from someone wanting to snuggle and make out like a teenager…. the emails have just gotten more “fun”.  Yes, I’d like to meet someone. He should be: 

  • adventuresome (I’d say the emails I’ve received fit that)
  • fun… (yeah, for the most part)
  • honest (probably not so much)
  • kind (debatable)
  • respectful (doubtful)
  • responsible (open for debate)
  • emotionally available (can’t even begin to tell)
  • loving (huh, whats that?)

What I’m not looking for:

  • a married or otherwise attached man
  • a woman
  • a Master
  • a fling
  • a much younger or older guy than me
  • someone that starts of their email with “do you want to come over so we can f…”
  • a phone buddy

I’m looking for a real… long term  relationship…. with a wonderful man… who wants to share his life with me. Just remember it’s an equal partnership, we both have to say yes, or it’s a no. For those that have sent me email… thank you for the comic relief!!!! 


One Response to “It Just Gets Better…. Dating”

  1. I feel so much strength and power behind your words. I hear wisdom and value, respect and self-assuredness. I hear your love for yourself which is the basis, the cornerstone of all love. I hear your furture calling to you.
    Wishing you the very best for the coming year…may your strength continue to carry you to a future so richly deserved.

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