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I hear so much about forgiving the person who has done you wrong, it being good for the person doing the forgiving, the one being forgiven doesn’t even really need to know, but how does one go about doing this?  

I get the concept, and believe it would help to release some of the pent up anger (hey, I said it….I’m usually so opposed to even admitting I’m angry at someone, unless it’s myself.. I must be growing…. ) I’ve been carrying around in my body for years. I’m sure thats part of how I ended up with fibromyalgia.  

I’m mostly talking about the x……. never forgetten…. made me stronger, made me more cautious, made me less trusting. Is made the right word? More like, oh I don’t know…. took some of each of those from me and sent me into hiding.

I want to come back out, I want to live a full life… with love, with friends, with one… lover…. best friend… husband even….To do that I have to become more of me and that includes letting go of them. And that might include forgiving them.

If forgiving them gets them out of my head… out of being “an unresolved pain in my neck… back.. and ass” then please share your wisdom with me and guide me to forgiveness.  


2 Responses to “Forgiveness”

  1. The hard part about “forgiveness” is the word implies that you are saying “It’s okay that you hurt me”, but that is not what is meant by ‘forgiving the person who has done you wrong’.

    What it means is you accept that this has happened, that it is over and you are no longer angry, hurt, sad, resentful or hateful. It is not easy but it can be done…only you have control over your thoughts and emotions so only you can declare when the pain will end.

    As soon as you replace the bad thoughts of the past with good thoughts of what you really, really want, you will begin to feel the healing. From now on, everytime you think of him change your thought to something good you want. Do not talk about him or what he has done or what you have been through, only talk of the good things you want for you!

    Believe me when I tell you it won’t be long until your thoughts change for good and you begin to feel sorry for the person who hurt you. You will be living a life full of joy and hope and his will still be pathetic and sad. Then you will really understand forgiveness and how it works.

  2. Thank you so much for responding. I read what you wrote and let it set with me for a few days. I think you hit on couple areas that I was really having trouble with. The first it was feeling like an invitation to do it to me again…not a chance! and then also he’s been in my thoughts to much. He will be there until my daughter no longer has to visit him and I no longer have to pay support.

    Since I know I have that hurdle to get over, what i’ll do is, my best to fill my head and heart with much more productive, loving, fun things. Sort of along the lines of the laws of attraction.

    I thank you… my heart feels fuller, happier!

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