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Thursday Thirteen – More for 101

And some are really funny….. I can at least dream, can’t I?

  1. Do an Avon 3 day walk
  2. Enter an Art contest… wouldn’t it really be something if I actually won
  3. Take a sabbatical
  4. Invent something
  5. Own and run a B&B
  6. Quit eating junk food
  7. Make and sell note cards with pictures I’ve taken
  8. Learn to write calligraphy
  9. Buy my daughter a car
  10. Get in good enough shape to teach exercise classes… might as well get paid to exercise
  11. Learn to knit
  12. Open and etsy store 
  13. Run a marathon 
Some of these have been crossing my mind more and more….. and I just may do. Others I don’t have much of an option over…. sabbatical… funny!!

7 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen – More for 101”

  1. You made me laugh with #10 and I agree with you that we should get paid for it.

  2. Oh geez, you still want to learn to knit ??

  3. Nice 13! Come on over and check out my delicious 13! If you are on a diet, I’m sorry, I am on the weight watchers diet, but I couldn’t resist this post!

  4. I want to learn how to knit too -and your idea about making note cards using pictures you take is a great idea – go for it!!!!

  5. A B&B is very hard work. I wish you luck with that.

  6. Good luck doing this! 🙂

  7. Great list! I’d like to be able to buy my son a car too, but rather than hand him one, he’s working to save the money himself.

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