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Sunday Scribbling – New Year

Resolutions…. aren’t those the things that people say they are going to do at the start of every New Year and by the end of the first week they are all gone by the way side? At least thats what I’ve seen. Sure I’ve wanted to do all the things that make life so much better, like lose weight, quit drinking so much, find a new job, have a baby, etc, but if I’m really going to do those things, the mood is going to strike, and I’m going to strike. Thats me, thats how I work. Resolutions might work for some people, but a self built fire under my butt works best.  

Part of my “thing” with the start of the New Year, is it always feels like we just had one. I’m thinking anyone who is a parent knows what I’m talking about. Back in August/September when you get, or help get your kids ready for school, new books, new folders, new pencils, that always seemed like a clean start to me. And then to just have another a few months later, that seemed more like a time to party!! 

But, this year, as my daughter has gotten older, she’s been getting herself ready for school, and not needing my help as much, and the New Year has started to take back on some of it’s original meaning. Rather than call them “resolutions”, I’d feel much better about calling what I plan to do this year “intentions”. One seems more like an order, the other more a guiding factor. I like that… but in the end does it really matter? 

In 2008 I intend to get in shape, get organized,  and open my heart to meeting the man of my dreams. 2008 has the potential to be a very good year!! At the very least I will have fun and know where things are…. Welcome 2008!!

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3 Responses to “Sunday Scribbling – New Year”

  1. Intention works for me! I like your attitude and would suspect you’ll find 2008 to be a very fine year!!

  2. I wish you well with all your intentions and hopes. I’ve read your “mondo Beyondo” post too, and that adds depth to my understanding of your intentions, so my wishes are doubled for you. Nice to meet you – this is my first time encountering you via Sunday Scribblings. Best to you and your daughter for 2008

  3. I hope your ‘intentions’ work out! I know what you mean by new year being sept and not jan….lol

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