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Sunday Scribbling – Fellow Travelers

We’re all going somewhere. Could be walking, riding a bike, driving in a car, riding in a train, flying in an airplane, we’re all going somewhere. Some of us talk to the person next to us, depending on where we are, some of us keep more to ourselves.

Does it really matter if we are social or not? Some of us are more shy than others, deep in our own thoughts, or just have nothing to add to whatever conversation might be going on.

Does that make us less of a person? In my opinion no!

As long as we treat our fellow travelers of this life with respect and do our best to be an active participant to society, rather than a drain on the system, we’ve done the minimum

I often wonder if just a simple smile will help ease the day of someone having a bad one… will it dissuade the angry person from taking it out on the person waiting at home for them… will it ease the burden of sitting in traffic a little longer (especially if they catch me singing to myself) … I know for sure it will help me feel better, no matter how my day is going.

Smiling to my fellow travelers

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7 Responses to “Sunday Scribbling – Fellow Travelers”

  1. I’m of the opinion that a smile travels faster and lasts longer than most colds…Good post!

  2. I love smiling at fellow travelers. I prefer it to conversation. And a smile back in responce is always special.

  3. Smiling right back at you!!! Nice post!

  4. Me too smiling right back at reaches!


  5. A smile is easy to give and it can mean so many good things to the one who sees it.

  6. So true – no words required. A smile will do! 🙂

  7. Will a simple smile ease the day of a passing stranger?? You bet it will . Most of what we say is useless drivel, things we automatcally say to everyone without really caring what the other person replys, sometimes not even hearing what was said. real communication is in the eyes, the touch, the smile. Whenever I give money to a panhandler I look him in the eye, I smile and I wish him a nice day. I never let him feel that he’s invisible, a nobody, a bother. Mother Theresa said that there are more people in the world starving for love then for want of food. How true is that.. Feed the starving and give a smile.

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