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Thursday Thirteen

Today I’m having a tough day…. not something I’m ready to share … also why I have not posted much…. and I’m trying to be positive about it all…. so Thursday Thirteen is: 13 Reasons it’s good to be me!!

  1. I can make my own choices
  2. I have an amazing family who love and support me
  3. I have wonderful friends who are there when I need them, yet let me be, when I pull back
  4. I can express myself in other ways than words
  5. I have the world in front of me….. 
  6. I love options
  7. I have an immense ability to love
  8. I am strong, I’m hoping in a graceful way
  9. I am courageous ….. and I don’t care if it’s graceful or not
  10. I know that any prayer is accepted
  11. I know when to ask for help if I need it
  12. I know when to do nothing because that is the best thing for me
  13. I’m not married to him any more……

Whats going on, is not about me…. but is a huge drain on me… my spirit… and someone I love very much.


One Response to “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. I hope that everything works out soon, but you posted a great list here, use it to get through the tough times.

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