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Sunday Scribblings – Fridge Space

If I could make my head space, fridge space right now, I’d be a very happy girl… ok.. woman.

I so don’t want to grow up, or be responsible. But I have to be, and all the things that are going on, seem like to much. I want to make my head into a fridge space, so that it will be numb and I can just get through all the things that are going on, without the tears and heartache they are bringing to me.

I know feelings are good things, the heartache only means I care about the people affected…. but the fridge space in my head would just be temporary, until things were resolved. But then again, there would be different things to deal with when my head was thawed.

So I settle for chocolate…. with a little bit of denial… and a lot of hope….and faith….

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4 Responses to “Sunday Scribblings – Fridge Space”

  1. Sounds like you’re going through some frustrating times! But you’re right, hope, faith and chocolate will get you through!

  2. Chocolate is a good thing, denial is a good thing – sometimes both are necessary at the same time! Good post!

  3. This will pass, no doubt!

    Take care..

    spaced out

  4. Thank goodness for chocolate, the ultimate healer. A very tender and heartfelt piece. Nice.

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