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More Thoughts on Full Disclosure

How do you start off a relationship? I’m thinking of the x’s, not mine… and I know that his relationships are not my business, with the exception of how the other person interacts with my child…. you better believe Mama Bear will show up if that person is not good to her. She is old enough to say “I’m staying home”, so there isn’t to much for me to worry about. 
My reason for even thinking about this, is what sorts of red flags, even orange or yellow, had I been on the receiving end of his line of bull, would pop up?
Say you are a single mom, and just started dating someone – what sort of answers would give you goose bumps? Him saying he had no idea why his x left….. after they’d been together over 10 years. How does he explain that he does not work, and gets child support (for a child he barely participates in raising… ), that drives a battered old car, has no health insurance, etc? Would any of this cause concern for you?
The same question goes out to single dads –  What sort of things send red flags to you? In no way do I think all guys are the same as the x. Opinions count….. someone that has experience with a similar situation… would love to hear your thoughts.  

One Response to “More Thoughts on Full Disclosure”

  1. Oh boy, everything you mention here wouldn’t give me goosebumps… it would make me turn and run the other way. Any man who appears to be withholding info. is waving a big red flag. Danger!

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