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The Last Married Easter

I don’t remember why, but the x decided he was not going to spend Easter with the family. We had plans for the 3 (me, him, my daughter) to go to his parents for Easter, where all of his siblings would be with their families.

 My guess would be that he did not feel like he could be away from the drugs for that long. Locked in a car driving to and from, with a child, no way could he stop along the way as he had done when it was just the two of us. And what about the time spent at his parents house? How was he going to explain that he needed to go for a walk or a drive, but no one could go with him? Another factor could have been that he and I had a fight (big surprise here, huh!!) and in his typical fashion he said if you don’t do what I want you to do for me, then I’m not going to Easter, probably thinking I was going to cave and give in. 

Little did he know that I was working  on myself, and becoming more of the person I knew I needed to be, in order to survive, whether we stayed married or got divorced. I knew I could not be the insecure, meek, doormat that I’d been. Something about becoming a mom helped that to kick in!!

So my daughter and I headed out for Easter, just the two of us, towards his parents house. All the cousins were within a few years of each other, so I brought lots of Easter activities for  them do over the weekend. With the exception of the questions of where was he… but they’d known him much longer than me, so they should have been able to figure that out, the weekend was great!

I could not begin to tell you what the last Easter with him was like. Oh wait, yes I can, at another time. If I forget, remind of Pinocchio.

I wish you all a wonderful Easter, if you celebrate it. 



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