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Responsibilities to the “New Woman”

Those red flags fly more easy for some than for others. As I get more wisdom, and have learned to trust my own intuition…. that little voice doesn’t have to scream like it did when I was in my teens or newly divorced and starting to date again. 

 The last date I had…. in the last month. The guy seemed really nice, fun, attentive, and then I started noticing little things that made me wonder if he was married. He had said he wasn’t so I just sort of started asking questions and calling at odd times….. to which I received the silent treatment. I’m not saying he was married, I’m just saying he acted odd, and I decided I didn’t need to put myself in any weird situations…… Did I take a chance on missing out on something good? I don’t think so, only something odd, because I trusted my gut! 

If someone else… the x’s “new woman” doesn’t listen to her gut, either because she isn’t listening to it, it isn’t talking, it’s only whispering, he’s so charming… love is wonderful…. whatever the case may be, do I have any responsibility to her, or to her small child(ren)? My heart hurts for them.  

If I do have a responsibility to her, how would I approach her? Excuse me, I’d like to save you from a life of torment, similar to what I’ve been through….  

It also makes me wonder what I should be learning from it all? I’d guess taking things slow, when I meet someone I’d like to pursue a relationship with, be honest…. with both them and me, and listen to the voices, the little ones and the ones of my friends when I’m ready for them to meet him.  

Life is a wonderful thing…. !!! 


One Response to “Responsibilities to the “New Woman””

  1. You’ve already learned something extremely important, listen to your gut. Good girl! If you could approach her, she wouldn’t listen. It’s sad really, there were times I wish I could call up my ex’s exgirlfriends and ask them questions in hindsight ;p
    Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re taking the smart road and that’ll bring happiness 😀

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