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2 Responses to “Me”

  1. i wasn’t sure how best to contact you after your comment today, so you can erase this comment after you read it if you like… but thank you for the kindness you expressed.

    i’m learning (slowly) how difficult divorce can be, at any age, and even despite how much the relationship needed to end. i think it’s wonderful that you’ve allowed your daughter to set boundaries as she needs to. it’s something that can be terribly difficult, especially if they have a domineering or demanding parent. but is imperative to the emotional well-being of a child.

    i think that opening up about the emotions that divorce causes in children, within in a semi-public forum like this, enables others to come forward and say, *i struggle with this as well.* with divorce rates as high as they are, there isn’t any one that isn’t effected by it, and often dramatically effected.

    thank you and good luck! (((hugs)))

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