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Thursday Thirteen – Positive People in My Life

January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen ……. People who have had a positive impact in my life.  For each of them, I am very thankful!!  My daughter My Mom and Dad My Grandparents My only Aunt My little brother My first, second boyfriend and last boyfriends.. the others were more like “what was I doing?” My junior high cooking teacher […]

Pretty Pictures

January 15, 2008

Have you ever met someone who had the perfect house, the perfect car, dressed nice, not to the 9s, but nice, every day? Things appeared just right! I’ve known many people like this. I’ve even lived with people like this. I was becoming one of them. It’s scary to think that. Luckily I can say […]

Remembering N

January 8, 2008

N and I met about 10 years ago. We met at work, he came in as a contractor on one of the projects I was on. We became instant friends. We’d sit and talk for hours. Because he started early in the day, we’d often have breakfast and lunch together and since he got off […]

101 Things Update

December 31, 2007

As the New Year approaches, and the month ends, I’m reviewing my 101 Things To Do list. Similar to the “Being Brave” project doing this has allowed me have a more focused, positive approach to the way I go about doing things.    During January I am going to be tracking what I am grateful […]

Online Dating…. Seriously!!

December 26, 2007

Life is so much fun….. in the weirdest way!! I‘ve talked about dating here, but I really don’t think I’ve come across as “this is my profile… lets go out”. Have I? Today I received an email…. paraphrasing here – He’s not looking for anything serious…. wants to make out like teenagers….. and talk. I […]

Ten on Tuesday – Best Gifts Ever

December 25, 2007

Today’s Ten on Tuesday is perfect for me… it’s helping me remember that through it all…. there are good times, and it does not all have to be about things! A few things are nice though. My best/favorite gifts of all time have been: The love and support of my family My prayers being answered of becoming a […]

Sunday Scribblings – Misspent Youth

November 25, 2007

I’ve asked my dad a few times how was I to raise. His answer varies from I was the hardest to I was the easiest. I’m guessing it depends on the day, what he’s remembering at the time, and how recently he’s talked to my siblings.   –     Compared to them, I would […]