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Colorful Questions….

December 4, 2007

I found this on and loved it. At the end she tagged anyone who wants to join in…. I’m joining in and having some fun!       Have you taken any dance classes in the past year that you loved?                             […]

Ten on Tuesday – Favorite Things to Complain About

December 4, 2007

Not enough time in the day Always more cleaning to be done Not enough money Crazy x husband Can’t figure out whats for dinner Theres nothing on TV (and if I wasn’t looking for something on tv and cleaning or something else… there would be 2 less things to complain about) I haven’t met the […]

Friday Feast

November 29, 2007

Appetizer What is your favorite carnival/amusement park ride? Roller Coasters!!! Least favorite has to be Ferris Wheels, I hate the feeling of coming around the top, slowly…. let me go fast and I’m happy!  Soup How do you react in uncomfortable social situations? I search out someone I know to hang with and chat with. Or I […]

10 on Tuesday – Why it’s Great to be a Woman

November 26, 2007

Our bodies can physically nurture another body We can be so many things at once – tomboy, natural, sexy Guys think we’re cool when we’re just being ourselves – liking sports It’s fun to surprise someone when we know something that we’re not expected to – about our cars, about math, about anything You can […]

Another Meme

November 26, 2007

This one appeared in my email…. thanks for asking! If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be? On a few acres with the love of my life. To me, who is more important than where. What’s your favorite article of clothing? Jeans…. wear them almost every day Favorite physical feature of the opposite […]

Friday Fill Ins… Thanksgiving

November 16, 2007

The things I give thanks for this Thanksgiving are my friends and family. My Thanksgiving traditions include spending time with those I care about, and eating. The best part about Thanksgiving is the shared love. My favorite Thanksgiving food is….. stuffing…. pumpkin pie… yep, one of those, I can’t choose. Having someone come to my […]

Ten on Tuesday – Describing Me

November 13, 2007

I found another Meme that will introduce me to you, and maybe me to me, considering my last post 10 Words that Describe Me 1. Caring 2. Nice 3. Fun 4. Creative 5. Spontaneous 6. Silly 7. Happy 8. Loving 9. Affectionate 10. Honest

Friday Fill Ins…

November 9, 2007

1. Plans and schedules , love them and hate them. The big things have to be planned so I’m happy when I can just enjoy the day! 2. I’m happy when things flow easily…. and life is free and easy . 3. The last thing I drank was coca~cola. 4. One of the most valuable […]

Thursday Thirteen – Wanting More

November 8, 2007

Knowing things are good, believing things can be even better, how do I get there? 1. Write a letter to the Universe? 2. Build up my Karma Bank? 3. Go to confession? I’d say more, but I can’t remember the last time I went. 4. Find a new religion? Would a different religion suit me […]

Saturday Six

November 3, 2007

1. What was the brand and model (if you remember) of the first computer you remember using? Wyse Terminal, and I know it was not the first, just the first I remember 2. What year do you remember using a home computer for the first time? Was the Atari a comuter or just a word […]