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Ten on Tuesday – Things to do Instead of Watching TV

February 5, 2008

What can you think of doing if you weren’t watching tv? Ten on Tuesday asked the question…. my list was really easy to come up with –  Clean the house  Do crafts Exercise Volunteer Learn something… to dance, to sing, to open my heart Have fun online… read blogs, look for a date, look for an old […]

Ten on Tuesday – Million Dollars

January 30, 2008

What a great Ten on Tuesday to come back to!How would I spend One Million Dollars… on myself? A house and land, close to my family – $800,000 A new car – $50,000 Maid service for a year – $8,000 A personal chef – $20,000 New computer, printer, and a bunch of ext hard drives – $15,000 […]

Ten on Tuesday – Best Gifts Ever

December 25, 2007

Today’s Ten on Tuesday is perfect for me… it’s helping me remember that through it all…. there are good times, and it does not all have to be about things! A few things are nice though. My best/favorite gifts of all time have been: The love and support of my family My prayers being answered of becoming a […]

Ten on Tuesday – Resolutions

December 18, 2007

 I’m not much of a resolution type person, for the most part I know what I’ve got to do (that does not mean I do it….. ).  Ten on Tuesday theme today is resolutions so I came up with the ones I’d like to do through 2008.  keep things simple take time to smell the roses […]

Ten on Tuesday – My Christmas List

December 11, 2007

In the hopes of getting more into the spirit of Christmas I’ve come up with 2 Christmas lists…. my dream list and my real list……  The Dream list……. yeah, baby!  A house… well actually a home new cars for my daughter and I a new camera a new sewing machine for quilting lots of paid […]

Ten on Tuesday – Favorite Things to Complain About

December 4, 2007

Not enough time in the day Always more cleaning to be done Not enough money Crazy x husband Can’t figure out whats for dinner Theres nothing on TV (and if I wasn’t looking for something on tv and cleaning or something else… there would be 2 less things to complain about) I haven’t met the […]

10 on Tuesday – Why it’s Great to be a Woman

November 26, 2007

Our bodies can physically nurture another body We can be so many things at once – tomboy, natural, sexy Guys think we’re cool when we’re just being ourselves – liking sports It’s fun to surprise someone when we know something that we’re not expected to – about our cars, about math, about anything You can […]