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Thursday Thirteen – Things I’ve Learned, Along the Way

February 7, 2008

It’s just as important to give your children roots as it is to give them wings Laughter is the best medicine. Don’t go looking for trouble. If may find you anyways. Looks at what you have, not what you don’t have. No decision is a decision. Sometimes it is letting someone else make one for […]

Thursday Thirteen – Positive People in My Life

January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen ……. People who have had a positive impact in my life.  For each of them, I am very thankful!!  My daughter My Mom and Dad My Grandparents My only Aunt My little brother My first, second boyfriend and last boyfriends.. the others were more like “what was I doing?” My junior high cooking teacher […]

Thursday Thirteen

January 24, 2008

Today I’m having a tough day…. not something I’m ready to share … also why I have not posted much…. and I’m trying to be positive about it all…. so Thursday Thirteen is: 13 Reasons it’s good to be me!! I can make my own choices I have an amazing family who love and support me I have […]

Thursday Thirteen – Favorite TV Shows Growing Up

January 9, 2008

Brady Bunch Partridge Family Bewitched Courtship of Eddies Father The Love Boat Eight is Enough One Day at a Time Happy Days Hart to Hart Family The Facts of Life The Waltons Threes Company Yes, I grew up in the 70s…. life was fun! If you’d like to join in Thursday Thirteen, please do. 

Thursday Thirteen – More for 101

January 2, 2008

And some are really funny….. I can at least dream, can’t I? Do an Avon 3 day walk Enter an Art contest… wouldn’t it really be something if I actually won Take a sabbatical Invent something Own and run a B&B Quit eating junk food Make and sell note cards with pictures I’ve taken Learn […]

Thursday Thirteen – Things I Will Remember About 2007

December 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen usually makes me think, what do I want to write about…. but this time, coming up with a topic is easy…… 2007 is shortly coming to a close….. What Will I Remember? Watching my daughter grow into an amazing young lady Getting closer to my dad Losing my brother I am braver than […]

Thursday Thirteen – Changes

December 19, 2007

The thought of my life changing, for the better is still on my mind. Thursday Thirteen …. things that could change my life that would be really wonderful!!! ….. I love change. I know, I’m weird… or unique….. Change, especially when it’s a choice I’ve made has been good, thats not to say it’s always […]

Thursday Thirteen – Things I don’t like

December 12, 2007

… but most people do coffee beer baths (I do shower.. not to worry, just can’t get into soaking) massages… they hurt! Desperate Housewives garlic shopping mayonnaise crocs scary movies milk bell peppers tofu At least it’s a short list…. my list of things I like would be realllllly long!!!

Thursday Thirteen – Christmas Things that Sound Dirty, but Aren’t

December 5, 2007

Did you get any under the tree? I think your balls are hanging too low. Check out Rudolph’s Honker! Santa’s sack is really bulging. So…What’d you get in the sack? Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist. Lift up the skirt so I can get a clean breath. Did you get a piece of […]

Thursday Thirteen – Domestic Violence Signs

November 28, 2007

This week there are so many TV shows that have something about Domestic Violence. As we get closer to the holidays it does happen more often… sorry to be a downer, I tend (and like to be) more upbeat, but sometimes reality is best. Some signs of Domestic Violence are: Frequent injuries, with the excuse of […]